Alessio Toraldo
Alessio Toraldo

Department of Brain and Behavioural Sciences
University of Pavia
Cognitive Neuroscience lab
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Alessio Toraldo is Associate Professor at the Department of Brain an Behavioural Sciences of the University of Pavia, Italy, where he has been teaching Cognitive Neuropsychology since 2004. He graduated in Padova University (1996) and obtained a PhD in Psychology in Pavia (2000). He visited the Psychology Department, University of St Andrews (1999) as part of his research towards a PhD. He was granted an Assegno di Ricerca (2000-2004) at the Cognitive Neuroscience Sector of the International School for Advanced Studies (SISSA-ISAS), Trieste.

Alessio Toraldo is currently following a set of research programs, with the main ones being about:

(i)How do people measure visual space? Cognitive processing involved in metric perception is studied both in normal subjects and in patients with right hemisphere lesions, particularly in patients with neglect and/or hemianopia.

(ii)Neglect dyslexia and its underlying mechanisms.

(iii)Encoding of stress position in italian polysyllabic words and nonwords - studies involving both normal subjects and patients with left hemisphere lesions and surface / phonological dyslexia.

(iv)Humor processing.

(v)Development of statistical methods for neuropsychological diagnosis.

Electronic worksheet for the Landmark Task

Some years ago my colleagues and I (Toraldo, McIntosh, Dijkerman & Milner, Cortex 40: 415-431, 2004) published a paper suggesting a revision in the method for analysing data from the Landmark Task (version of Bisiach et al., Brain and Cognition 1998).

You can download the paper, the worksheet and a file of instructions here

- Cortex 04 Landmark

- Worksheet_Instructions

- Worksheet landmark analysis t=9


Electronic Worksheet for computing the Mean Position of Hits (MPH) in many neglect tasks

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Electronic Worksheet for obtaining diagnoses on grounds of combined Time and Error Rate scores (TERD)

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Electronic Worksheet for obtaining diagnoses on grounds of combined Speed and Accuracy scores for the Italian Standardization of the Tower of London test (ToL)

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Pandora's box in neuropsychology?

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